Discomforting “security checks”

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Apr 2, 2012
No one HAS to open their resort room door to anyone. They're not going to force the door or throw you out of the resort if you don't. If you're uncomfortable opening the door or just don't want anyone coming in at that moment, for whatever reason - someone's sleeping, you're not dressed yet, etc - simply say that this isn't a good time and ask them to come back later.

As has been posted many times here, if you don't want someone just walking into the room while you're in there, use the door bar latch. It will allow the door to open a couple of inches, and you can just call out that it's not a good time for you.

Yes, I know that there are tools that can forcibly open the door latch. No Disney CM is going to do this on a routine room check. Those are used if they feel that there's a medical emergency in the room or a crime in progress.
I stayed at Pop Century from 12/3/10 to 12/14/19. I spoke with a manager at the resort and I was told that you are absolutely required to open the door when security knocks on your door. They will allow a reasonable time but you must open the door at some point should security ask to enter your room. I was given the explanation (paraphrasing) that you are on Disney property and they will do what they must to ensure that guests are safe.

I did not go through all the scenarios as to why you wouldn't open the door (Kids in the room alone, someone in the shower, etc...) but the clear message was that when security decides they want to do a room inspection you will have to open the door.

I'd like to add that if you are uncomfortable opening the door, use the room phone to call the resort call center and start a conversation about what is going on at that moment. (Yes, I KNOW IT'S A CALL CENTER but they do have the ability to expedite a concern to a resort manager) You also can open the curtains at Pop Century and get a visual on the person asking for entry, but keep in mind not every CM is wearing a name tag that is easily visible, especially if they are wearing outerwear during the cooler weather.

I'd like to note that using the room occupied sign does seem to trigger a room check and having daily housekeeping seems to cut down on the possibility of that happening. Also Mid-Day nappers might want to request an early housekeeping visit to your room. Disney will try to work that out if possible, depending on the resort. Try calling for early housekeeping before 7:30 am.

I also waited to speak with the Manager on the day I was checking OUT so as not to tempt fate and attract any extra scrutiny. I did not experience any room checks. I had daily housekeeping, requested early housekeeping and did NOT use the room occupied sign.

Curiously, I did see 3 uniformed Disney security personnel patrolling Pop together in the middle of day towards the end of my stay, so that is why I asked the manager about the security checks. This was during Pop Warner week. When I was getting out of a LYFT vehicle mid day towards the end of my stay I saw a larger child on top of a smaller child beating the tar out of him. I broke up the fight and the smaller kid had a bloody nose. I'd have to wonder if that is why the uniformed security personnel were more visible at the resort.


Jimmy Mouse

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Sep 3, 2017
We were at WDW 12/19-12/30 and did one night at PORFQ, eight at YC club level and the last 2 nights at Riviera just to try it out and not once did we have security checks while in the room and we even went to bed at 7-730 one night. I said it before, if they really want to come in I will say hang on and strip down to boxers only lol
  • DantePD

    Jun 15, 2016
    This isn't just a Disney thing. I travel all year long, staying at hotels up and down the east coast (and once a year in Milwalkee) for furry conventions (I run games like Dungeons and Dragons for the convention charities. My last one was responsible for a full quarter of the con's charity take. Sorry, still proud of that one) and this has been a thing for every, single one for the last year and a half at least, across multiple property owners (Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and Wyndham). They rarely bother mentioning it at check in and most folks wouldn't know without being there when housekeeping and/or security came by if they hadn't mentioned it at the con's opening ceremonies. Only issue I've heard of is a buddy of mine who works night shift normally, and is therefore dead asleep at noon.

    No one is searching your luggage and the whole thing tends to be pretty chill

    Amanda Hickerty

    Dec 27, 2017
    When I travel I carry a really high-tech device that prevents entry to my room: a $2 rubber wedge doorstop. No one opens the door to my room from the outside while I am in it.

    If you have had an issue with afternoon naps being disturbed, print yourself up a magnetic "QUIET PLEASE ... Do not knock. Baby is sleeping" sign to put on the door while you nap. They will make a note and try again on the next round, which should be at least an hour later. Be fair, and remove the sign when you are out.

    This seems to be the most sensible solution I have read in this thread. I will definitely be doing this as my 1 year old is a very light sleeper and a hellion when tired so it might save us some issues. Thanks.


    Jul 12, 2010
    A refreshing, well measured and thoughtful response; thank you. We plan on the same tone and tenor with our reach out to the powers that be. I guess I’d be a bit more tolerant if it were a true and realistic saftey endeavor. Not housekeeping emptying garbage as fast as possible. (Yes. I observed).
    Scout, I read in another thread where a guest timed security's visit--both while the guest and her family were in the room and on another day when they were out, but the guest was on the grounds and watched them enter their room. It was easily under a minute when the room was occupied and over 3 minutes when the room was empty. I know for a fact it doesn't take 3 minutes to empty the trash.
  • roxiepenguin

    Jul 12, 2010
    Its not going away..I just can't see how anything like this ruins the whole trip...If you use housekeeping.....there is no security check. If you stay in Moderate or value and decline housekeeping...you get security. Either way..its expected so have to go knowing its coming.
    We've had "security" checks even when not declining housekeeping, one was even a supposed maintenance issue. (The poor guy clearly wasn't maintenance and even said he'd have to come back with a part [if you came just to do that one thing, why didn't you bring the part?], and after he changed it he even said it hadn't needed to be replaced.)


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