Great lunch at Big River Grille and Brewing Works at Boardwalk!


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Sep 13, 2019
I watched a DIS video about Big River where they said the food was okay, but it was lunch and we just got to the resort and thought, hey, let's try it anyway.

Ordered the scampi dip to start and while the bread was okay-ish, the dip was great! Halfway through the appetizer, our food came out, so that crowded the table some.

Mom had the club sandwich, which she raved about, and I had the kobe cheeseburger, which I raved about. Then we used our chips to eat the scampi dip instead of the bread, which worked out well also. Near the end, I was just eating the dip straight. :rotfl:

We were both happy with the food and service here. Since it was lunch on a Tuesday, we didn't have a wait for a table and our server was really attentive and friendly. Would definitely come back again! :)


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Mar 30, 2003
We've eaten there a few times and always found the food to be absolutely fine. And we always get right in - we've only done the lunch, too. DH likes to get the beer flights - do they still serve those??

I think it is great to have a few of these type restaurants in mind when at WDW. You can't always get into - or face! - some of the more desired places, and a nice, quiet lunch is much appreciated.


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Mar 1, 2010
I am glad you had a good meal there. It's one of our favorite spots to get some pub type grub. We do not care for ESPN very much and I really like the beer at Big River
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    Mar 18, 2008
    This has been on my list twice & twice I haven't made it there... hope to some day. Thanks for the report.


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    May 3, 2004
    We've dined there a few times. Never had an amazing meal, but never had a bad meal. It is what I would expect at a bar and grill. LIked the beer selection. Good burgers.
  • AngiTN

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    Mar 7, 2011
    We have one here in town (originated here) and eat there about once a week. The menu is very similar, same beers. DH's favorite is their meatloaf and last week I got the filet medallions (shame they only have the ribeye at BW). Their fish tacos are some of the first done and they are also wonderful. They were fork tender. What they leave off the BW menu is one of their best items, their Carrot Cake. Best restaurant carrot cake pretty much ever.

    We go occasionally just because it's there. As mentioned above, it may not be the best TS but it does tend to be consistent.


    It's a WDW realty that not every moment is magical
    Mar 18, 2008
    Do they have DVC or TIW discounts?
    Make sure to download the mouseperks app or pin the website to your home screen. It will show you which discounts are accepted where. It will show if there's any restriction such as time of day. You can filter by location & activity type. You'll have this info at your fingertips.


    Sep 14, 2008
    We often stay at the BWI and this has become our first meal at Disney tradition. On our last visit a year ago they still had the beer flights as my husband enjoys them. Lovely location sitting outside on the boardwalk enjoying a good meal. Nothing fancy or pretentious just pub food at not too crazy prices and usually solid service as well.
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