Official Wine and Dine 2017 thread

Apr 9, 2015
I know it's super early to be thinking about Wine and Dine 2017 but the page is live and the dates are up so why not?!

Who's planning on being there next year???

I'll be entering Lumiere's Two Course Challenge and Mickey's Holiday 5K



Feb 26, 2007
We're in!!! My husband is doing Lumiere's Challenge and we are both doing Mickey's Holiday 5K!


Earning My Ears
Nov 22, 2015
We are in, too. I feel like we must be a minority but we enjoyed the race. It seemed like rD did a better job with the characters. There were some terrific ones out there, IMO. I loved seeing Darkwing Duck and Horace and Clarabelle. It was also easier to do the after party since we had a bit of time to rest up. It's definitely not as fun unique as the old night race but I liked it.


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