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Oct 16, 2015

Welcome to another trip report by me! If you have followed along with my other trip reports, Welcome Back! If you are new, Thanks for following along!!!

Introductions first:
Who is me?
My Passholder Shirt
My name is Ariella and I am the planner of all of our trips! We were lucky enough to get Annual Pass this past February. And this was our 3rd trip on those passes! So, for my birthday, DH got me this lovely shirt for part of my birthday!
Favorite Ride: Big Thunder Mountain

Who is DH?
This is Andy, my better half. He loves Disney as much as us but doesn't like to do the planning. Which is fine by me for the most part.
Favorite Ride: Rise of Resistance (although we didn't know that just yet)

Who is the young lady driving Andy, you ask?
That is Morgan. She is 11 years old and is becoming quiet the young lady. We are very proud of her and the transition she has made to middle school. The whole idea to get annual passes was partially inspired by who big she is getting!
Favorite Ride: Space Mountain

And last but not least, the shorter one next to Morgan?
Well, that is Gwen. She is our youngest, our spit fire, our crazy one! Gwen is 9 years old, and currently in 4th Grade.
Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror

A little backround about this trip. We spend the last 3 summers going to Myrtle Beach, SC. And while we liked parts of the trip, we had some bad luck with hotels (2 summers in a row we had loud construction directly above and below us, AND by loud, I mean drilling into concrete loud!) and decided to not go back to this summer. Since we didn't have a few great summer vacations, we decided to go somewhere we KNEW we would have a good time! Disney! And at that point, Annual Passes just made sense!

With that, we decided if we were going to be there in the summer, that we would pick out hotels based on pools, and spend some time floating around. So, I booked Coronado Springs for the first half and then Yacht Club for the second half! I was particularly excitied to stay at Yacht Club!

But wait there are other people on this trip?
Well, kind of.... Andy's sister is a teacher, so they typically go in the summer. We ended up pushing our trip back a week for work reasons and then Andy's sister and family pushed there up a week, as there youngest was headed to college and needed to be back earlier. And BAM, we were going the same week!

Flaming Head_Coleman's
This is the Coleman Family. Henry holding the flaming head, Russ, Aimee (Andy's sister) and Alex, there youngest on the far end.

As you can see the boys are much older than our girls, and even though we were there basically the same week, we didn't see them too too much. But we did do somethings with them.

So, stick around to hear all about our first time in Disney in the summer. We managed to have a few dis-meets, attend an annual pass preview event and even a surprise upgrade! So, follow along to see if we survive the heat!
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    Oct 16, 2015
    I am excited to hear all about it! I have been lurking on your trip reports for awhile :)
    Yeah!!! Glad to see you have come out of lurking-ness! ;)

    I’m joining in, I know all about the heat:cool2:
    Excited to hear all about it and it was fun meeting up with you a few times!
    I know you do! Glad you are hear!

    Here! And ready to read your newest TR.
    Thanks for following along with another trip report!

    Joining in :)
    Thanks for following along!

    'm here!! I can't wait to hear all about your summer trip.
    Thanks! I had to refresh my memory a little when I started this!

    I am definitely in for this one. Love the summer trips (and reports). :goodvibes
    It was def different for us! Thanks for following along.


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    Oct 16, 2015
    Let's get this report started, shall we?

    Travel Day: Already Sweating!

    We were flying out Friday evening, that has become our perferred time to leave. It makes for a long day, but it gives us a full day once we are there.

    The girls were at Art Camp this week and needed to be picked up at 3:00. Which meant I needed to leave work a little early, which was stressful, making sure I had finished all of my work on time. But I managed to and was at the art place right at 3:00.

    The girls were finishing up there ceramics. I was letting them finish painting when I got a text message from Southwest!
    Flight Delay

    I texted Andy to let him know about the delay. We decided to still try and head to the airport as planned. Figuring that way, we didn't need to rush. We met at home, collected all of our stuff and headed to the airport!

    Well, it was good we had left when we did, because we got to long term parking and they were full!!! We have never had this as a problem! This put Morgan in to a panic that we were going to miss our flight. We tried to reassure her that we had plenty of time since our flight was delayed. At the same time I was trying to find a private parking company for us to use.

    I found a place and booked us a reservation on my phone while Andy drove around in a circle to loop around to get to the new parking place. It took awhile but we had time thankfully!

    The place we ended up using for our car, picks you up at your parking spot, puts your bags on the bus, gives you a card with your parking spot number on it and drops you off at the terminal immediatly. Well, they will pick up other folks if they are directly in the area as well. It was great! And we decided that we would do this for our December trip, as god only know what that was going to be like.

    We got to the airport with no problems, checked our bags and got through security with no problems. Thanks TSA Pre-Check!

    We headed to our usual spot for some dinner, Chickie and Petes. It was fairly busy and we had to wait a little bit to grab a table but nothing too bad.

    By 6:15, we were relaxing and having drinks! Vacation had begon!
    Gwen: Cheers

    There were these 2 women next to us, clearing heading out for a girls weekend of some sort. (They drank MANY drinks while we sat next to them) But they got a huge kick out of Gwen using her milk carton for "Chears".

    By now, we were all hungry and service was not great this evening.
    Morgan waiting for dinner
    Morgan was getting a little crabby while we waited, even if this picture she looks happy. She also wore her hoodies the whole travel day. Channelling her inner teenager self, I guess.

    Gwen took this picture of me while we waited.
    Gwen: Passholder Shirt

    We had just gotten Morgan a real phone, she was starting 6th grade this year and was going to be taking the bus home and letting herself in by herself. So, Gwen inherited the old phone to use basically as an Ipad. (no cell service) So, we was trying to be a vlogger and took a bunch of pictures in the beginning of the trip.

    Our food did come eventually.
    Mozzarella Sticks
    Morgan went with Mozzarella Sticks. Which were good.

    Mo & her Mozzarella Sticks
    There is more of what her face looked like most of the time while we were eating...

    Andy and I decided to split a burger. We got the Crab Cake & Burger Burger.
    Crab Cake Hamburger
    It was fine. We also both got beers of some sort. I didn't write down what kind. But they hit the spot for kicking off the vacation!

    We ordered Fries for all of us to share as well.
    Crab Fries by Ariella Saucier, on Flickr
    Well, actually we order Carb Fries and Plain Fries, but only got one order of fries. Which really was fine but still.

    Gwen just ate French Fries....
    Gwen: Gwen's Dinner
    She staged this, for a nice food picture...

    Andy and I were going to have another beer but our guy didn't come back around until it was too late. So, we gave up on the second drink and just asked for the bill. Which when it came, it had 2 orders of fries on it. So, we had to have him take that off. Dinner was good none the less.

    Once all of that was taken care of we headed to our gate, used the bathroom and got some drinks for the plane.

    We had just enough time for that and it was time to board!
    My Passholder Shirt
    Andy was particulary proud of his shirt gift...

    I had forgotten to check in right on time and we were in boarding group C for southwest. I was super stressed by this. We stood to the side hoping that they would take pitty on us and let us on with family boarding. But no go. There was us and one other woman wiht a kid about Gwen's age, and we had to just watch everone getting on the plane. It was stressful!

    We just jumped in line as soon as we could. We got behind a family with 3 very tispy people. And I was just praying that we didn’t end up next to them. We managed to get two seats together for me and Gwen, a window and middle seat. Morgan was just across the ailse in an ailse seat and Andy middle seat right behind us. I wanted Andy to walk back with Morgan to find a seat with her, but he insisted on us jsut grabbing those seats. And with people behind us, I couldn't really argue with him.

    Morgan survived by herself but it was weird. The stewardess assumed that the couple next to Morgan was her parents. It was a bit odd. And I really just don't understand Southwest age cut off for family boarding. But we survived. And we were very close to the front! Probably the closest we had ever been!

    Gwen: Plane Selfie
    Gwen did slept a little on the plane. Morgan mostly just watched shows, kept her hood up and tried to avoid talking to the people next to her.

    Flight wasn’t too bumpy but the pilot did say that they went around a storm. So, we got in even later.

    While landing, Gwen and I could see fireworks!
    It's kind of hard to see in the pic, but Gwen was super excitied to see that. I was sad I couldn't show Morgan.

    By 10:45 we were on the Pho-Monorail

    Gwen: Monorail Selfie
    Morgan and Gwen were taking pictures like we were somewhere super exciting... ha!

    Gwen: Monorail Pic
    The girls thought the pho-monorail was pretty cool looking at night.

    Gwen: Monorail Pic

    Gwen "Vlogging"
    Gwen taking pictures of the tiny space guy?

    And she thought this was photo worthy as well.

    We had to collect our suitcases since it was so late. Which there was alot of people from our flight doing the same thing. And since we were in the front of the plane, we waited awhile for our bags to come out.
    Gwen: Pandora Sign by Baggage Claim
    Gwen took more pictures while we waited...

    The bags started coming out and we collected, 3 of our 4 bags..... and waited and waited and waited for the last bag. I was starting to worry that we had a missing bag!

    LAST suitcase out
    But then FINALLY our last bag came out! Our bag was literally the last bag out!!!

    We made it to Magical Express Line around 11:30. Waited just a little bit before they put us on a bus.
    Magic Bands Unite
    I was suprised by how many people were waiting at this time of night. We stopped at All Stars Sports, and Music and maybe one more before it was our turn.

    Finally made it to Coronado Springs at 12:30! So, not too bad.
    Gwen: Lobby
    The lobby was beautiful!

    I of course, never got a room ready check. So, we had to get in line to check in. There was a short line to check in. But they were taking FOREVER.

    Coronado Check In
    They had 3 people checking in folks, and I really don't know why it was taking so long, but it took a long time!

    Lobby Wall
    Gwen took some pictures while we waited.

    Gwen: Lights

    Bar Lobby

    Lobby Check in
    Gwen: Kids Area by Ariella Saucier, on Flickr

    Meanwhile,Morgan was done! She fell asleep while we were waiting to check in.
    Morgan Sleeping

    Morgan Passes out
    Not a happy camper.

    Finally it was our turn. The check in person was very nice but it was just so late. I just wanted to get to our room so we could go to sleep!

    We finally got into the room around 1:15 AM, It was late! We were Building 8B, Floor 2, Room 8608, Cabanas Section. It turned out to not be too bad of a location. We weren't too far from the main lobby or the main pool.

    As I unpacked a litte. I grabbed the Tinkerbell bag. And literally threw the pj’s in the closet in the bathroom area.
    Gwen: Tink PJ's
    Marie PJ’s for Gwen
    Bo Peep PJ’s for Morgan
    Jasmine PJ’s for Me

    Had Gwen find them:
    "finding" gift

    Morgan was too tired to care....
    soooooo tired

    Gwen: Gwen PJ Selfie
    Gwen took a selfie of herself with the new PJ's and then it was time for BED!!!!

    Up Next... A visit to Sebring, FL!
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    Aug 14, 2006
    Isn’t the lobby of GDT beautiful ? ! I stayed one night for MVMCP last month and it seemed like no matter what time of day - the check in area was crazy. Convention hotel ?


    DIS Veteran
    Oct 16, 2015
    Isn’t the lobby of GDT beautiful ? ! I stayed one night for MVMCP last month and it seemed like no matter what time of day - the check in area was crazy. Convention hotel ?
    It is so beautiful. The photo of the lanterns was my phone wallpaper for awhile. I really don't know what they would do if or when there is a convention... The line really wasn't that long. Maybe 4 or 5 families. but yet, it took for ever.

    Following along! Can't wait to read more!
    So glad you are hear! Thanks for following along.


    Earning My Ears
    Feb 10, 2012
    I'm surprised the person in your aisle seat didn't offer to switch seats with Morgan. Same row, still an aisle seat, and your child would be sitting with her mother. I definitely would've asked.


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    Oct 16, 2015
    I'm surprised the person in your aisle seat didn't offer to switch seats with Morgan. Same row, still an aisle seat, and your child would be sitting with her mother. I definitely would've asked.
    I think she was happy to have a tiny kid sitting next to her. In hind sight, I probably should have put the two of the girls together and me across from them. But you live and learn... And one of those is we are flying American this February with seats already picked! living large! We are!


    Jan 25, 2019
    Following along! :tigger: We have had the same problem the past couple of years at O'Hare with no room in the affordable long term parking lot. I have just started booking at nearby hotels through the parking app, and the cost is about the same. We just have to plan on extra time to wait for the shuttle to get to and from the airport. Still trying to decide if we should go the night before or just leave early the first morning for our trip in 2020. How tired were your girls the following morning?


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    Nov 24, 2012

    Flights getting delayed is always a bummer but at least it gave you time to work out the parking!

    It stinks that you couldn’t board during family boarding. And it also stinks that the person in your row didn’t just switch with Morgan :confused3. Shortly after Mike and I started dating, he lived in Florida for a while and I frequently flew Southwest alone and moved all the time to let kids sit with their parents.


    Nov 6, 2010
    What a bummer that the flight was delayed, there was no long term parking, and your server at dinner wasn't great. Not the best start to a Disney vacation, but you had a good attitude about it and a few hiccups are worth the trouble to be back at Disney.

    I love Gwen's food photo. She's already got the hang of trip report pictures! :rotfl:


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