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Discussion in 'Coping and Compassion' started by Christine, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. luvmarypoppins

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    Aug 23, 2003
    Hi Peeps who wants to hear a nice neck dissection story I know you all do so it will come momentarily lol

    macraven - I hope you are off the bed rest now and able to move around a little and that the blood clot news is better. Let us know. Prayers for you

    singing mom - I guess you are on your way to nice sunny Florida

    Christine - glad your ds has a good internship, I am sure there is lots of news in your area today.

    Well I survived this surgery. I just wish for once I could just be a normal surgery patient but that will never happen. I told you this surgeon just does not take any time with you. I guess the top NYC cancer surgeons are very much in demand so I guess I should understand.

    Ds1 decided to come along so they had to find a room with 2 queen beds they finally did and it gave a good discount for the hospital patients which saved us a lot of money.

    We got there in plenty of time leaving at 5 am for the 830 surgery. Got there like 645. They said I would wake up with a cpap machine, fine. Then the or is so small. I felt like it was clowns in the clown car. I counted 8 people and then they were calling another surgeon to put an arterial line in me. The surgery was suppose to take 3 hours and it took 4. They didnt know if I would even get a room and I finally did on the floor. I woke up and had a terrible pain in my R arm. No one seemed concerned about this. They were concerned about this road rash burn looking type thing on my L shoulder. sigh.

    Finally got a room on the 13th floor. This is a mother and baby floor. My roomates mom was allowed to stay but dh was not, no males overnight. It was a strange floor. Ds2 saw a little boy leave with a last day of chemo shirt on and then you hear crying newborn babies.

    Sat. morning the surgical resident came in and pulled the drain, ouch, ouch and more ouch and then took the neck staples out but on surgical glue and a new bandage. Finally the surgeon came in. He was operating as he had on surgical scrubs. He said he caused the burn/road rash thing on my shoulder because of the grounding. I think from the laryngeal nerve box monitoring. It looks terrible but does not hurt. Then I said look at my arm. He got so mad and I think he was yelling at the nurse out in the hall. It really was not her fault it was the ones before her who did nothing. He said I have thrombo phlebitis in my arm, so now I have antibiotics for 7 days, warm compresses 3 times a day and arm elevation sigh. My neck is sore and I feel week. I try to take the percocet when necessary. He also said it took longer because there was scar tissue and he had to untwist lots of veins and arteries that were in the wrong pace and we will talk about this in the office.

    So my next apt. is monday and hopefully we will have the path report back by then. We are leaving at 5 am to avoid the worst traffic and will just hang out in the hosp. lobby until its time to go over to his office.

    Oh the food there was really gourmet, Too bad I couldnt eat or swallow most of it, lol. My voice was bad but its getting better. Ds2 and his gf also came sat to see me. We had 5 visitors in the room at once lol.

    Hope everyone is doing well.. Check in when you can.
  2. macraven

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    Apr 21, 2003
    Pray the surgery was a complete success!!

    You will find out Monday
    I can imagine the pain you are going through

    Let us know how visit goes

    Prayers still being said

    About me, another blood clot

    I see a new doc tomorrow
  3. Christine

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    Aug 31, 1999
    LMP, glad to hear it all went well and glad it's over with for you.

    How did you get the thromboplebitis in the right arm? Is that from the IV line? That is so weird.

    Hoping for good news on Monday!
  4. SingingMom

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    Jul 4, 2001
    LMP - God love you! You've been through SO MUCH! I hope this is the LAST one!! The thrombophlebitis angers me. That's something that should have been noticed when you first mentioned it. Grrrr.... I know medical staff is overworked (my mom & sister were both RN's in large hospitals) but that's just careless. I hope you feel better. Take it SLOW. Can you take something other than Percocet? I hate that stuff. Just made me wonky - didn't help the pain, so I stopped taking it. I like morphine. LOL

    Enjoyed my visit with DD - did "mom stuff" like pick up her bridesmaid gown to bring home, etc. but the weather was icky. She worked a lot, so we had a few late dinners. I had some free time, so I cleaned her apartment (lol) met my cousin for lunch, went to noon mass on St. Anthony's day at the Basilica, and went shopping at the outlets. DH and I are returning mid-July for a mini-vacation with our friends. DD booked us at POFQ but they called & said they overbooked & would it be ok if they moved us to Boardwalk! Umm... YES! Never stayed there before. She'll stay with us, but I'm not sure of her work schedule yet. She's been working at least 52 hours a week. But, she loves her new spot in Fantasyland. Keep making that magic!
  5. luvmarypoppins

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    Aug 23, 2003
    macraven - how did the visit with the new doctor go. I hope he had some better insight to your issues and has come up with a good treatment plan that will help you to get to feeling like yourself again. Hang in there. You are in my prayers!

    Well peeps gather round for another nice chapter in The Thyroid Cancer Story, hmm this chapter should be titled "Just because you go to a top hospital in NYC and see a top surgeon you will still shake you head and go hmmm! lol

    Also I think these trips into NYC are wearing on dh,. I hope the next one in July will be the last one. We have to leave well before 5:30 am to avoid all the traffic and we just hang out there. Dh even came home and took a nap before going into work for a little while.

    I am glad we were the first appt. at 9am. Only one other guy waiting. As usual he spends very little time with you. He took the bandage off and said my choking feeling and tightness is due to all the neck swelling which will subside over time. Went over scar care. I said I am not one of those vain type people. Hello dr. - look at my neck already, lol. Then we ask about the path report,. He said he took out 18 lymph nodes and 4 were cancerous. The biggest one was 3 cm. The path report said 3 mm, huh??? Head shake. He said the best part was that there was no extranodal extension and that is all they care about. Obviously when I asked him well what about the columnar cell variant. He said its just met pap. If you want me to have the path people look at the lining for the variant I can ask them to do that. Um shaking my head. Wouldnt they do that anyway at a top place. He said the aggressive variant does not matter. Um. I know this guy is on these top boards of stuff in the country but what DOES matter??? I think what does is the production line of people he had in the waiting room when we left 45 minutes later there were another 6 people waiting. OK His surgical skills are good but everything else, sigh, sigh, and more sigh.

    Remember he said he would discuss why the surgery was longer and the tangled arteries and veins. I forgot to ask and dh says why didnt you ask after we left, sigh. The surgeon did not bring it up. Well next visit this will be asked by me for sure.

    I made him look at my arm and he said its healing well and the anesthesia people caused that. um ok.

    I wanted to shake his hand and say thank you but he seemed to pull back so I ddint pursue that. Strange indeed.

    I guess I would go to him again if I really had to because anyone is better than dr. who almost killed me. I saw his reviews on line and people wrote run and stay away from that guy lol. Dont I know it for sure!!

    My neck is itchy and sore and swollen and I only had one choky feeling lately where I did almost choke on something. So its a process.

    Later dh said lets start planning that october trip to food and wine, what a hubby!

    He did say there is a 5 to 10% chance that it will recur. I asked that. He didnt offer that info on his own. That will probably be me again with my history,

    Happy First day of summer everyone!

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